$BAG Minting

No whitelists, pre mints, or minimum ETH charge. $BAG numbers 9000-10000 are reserved for the dev team, 1-8999 is all gas to mint.

The Toodle $BAG

When minted, this is what your Toodle $BAG looks like for the first time:

Toodle Loot Bag #1

A Toodle $BAG is a limited edition, authentication token designed to give the token holder access to the Cryptoodles community. Examples:

  • Opportunity to mint the first Toodles (Genesis Toodles) to clone more Toodles for others
  • Owning digital land in the Cryptoodles Metaverse
  • Ability to cast votes to help guide the Cryptoodles project direction

If you are lucky enough to mint a Toodle $BAG before all have been claimed, congratulations! You are holding a part of Cryptoodle's ancient history. That same $BAG you minted is actually:

Toodle Loot Bag #1 in the Cryptoodle Metaverse

Genesis Toodles

Each $BAG is associated with a Genesis Toodle that can be used to genetically clone more Toodles for others to join the community with. The Genesis Toodle is where the ancestry line of a Toodle begins. Imagine owning a Genesis Toodle, and the genetic makeup of 1000 Toodles that others use started from your Genesis Toodle!

Genesis Toodle froom Toodle Loot Bag #1


Each $BAG has a unique list of items which all are a part of the ”Relics of Toodles”. Relics can range from space ships to heavy weapons, to accessories and legendary skills. Owning a Relic will unlock unique visuals for the holder’s Toodle that cannot be obtained in any other way asides from being one of the lucky few to mint a $BAG.

As the Cryptoodle Metaverse expands and new items are crafted by Toodles, these Relics will become more valuable since Relics cannot be crafted.

Relics in the Cryptoodle Metaverse

Digital Spaces

Owning a "Digital Space" is equivalent to owning land in the Cryptoodle Metaverse. Owning a Digital Space allows someone to:

  • Build houses and business buildings for Toodles. A group of spaces with buildings may develop into a town.
  • Harvest the raw minerals within the space needed to craft new items and buildings.
  • Help expand the Cryptoodle Metaverse for Toodles to explore different areas.
A Digital Space in the Cryptoodle Metaverse


The Toodle $BAGs you mint provide building blocks for the Cryptoodle project, a unique approach you won't find in most blockchain projects. These building blocks are:

  • Toodles - Playable avatars
  • $BAG - Authentication Token
  • Relics - Historical items
  • Digital Spaces - Land
  • $TODL Token - Expansion
Together these building blocks allow Toodles to build the Cryptoodle Metaverse as it expands.