"ETHR" Reward Token

An Ether (ETHR) token is the reward received from staking tokens in Cryptoodles.

ETHR is mined from an actual Ethereum block. Depending on the token you stake, you receive a percentage of the ETHR from the rewards pool.

  • 1 ETHR created from 1 Ethereum block
  • ETHR holders can:
    • Summon antagonists of Cryptoodles
    • Become a validator for the ETHRCHAIN
    • Stake ETHR to mine ETHR at a faster rate
  • ETHR powers darkness in Cryptoodles

Rewards Table

Mine ETHR by staking Dogecoin-TODL LP, Dogecoin, or TODL in the $ETHR mining contract. Below shows the rewards associated with each token:

Token Name
Reward Rate
Reward Token
Token Address
60% of Reward Pool
30% of Reward Pool
10% of Reward Pool

Dogecoin Mining Enabled

A Dogecoin
Shibes and Toodles share the same value of doing only good everyday. We're in it for the long run in expanding utility for Dogecoin.

Cryptoodles is one of the first projects to offer Dogecoin holders a long term, reliable way to grow their web3 portfolio using their Dogecoins.

The tokens that are mined hold utility in the growing ecosystem of Cryptoodles. Instead of keeping your Dogecoins dormant in your wallet, stake them in Cryptoodles to help grow an ecosystem.

Get Started Now

Get a head start by minting $BAG, claiming the $TODL airdrop, and then providing liquidity to the Dogecoin-$TODL pool to receive TODL LP. Stake the TODL LP to earn ETHR at a faster rate or stake Dogecoin and TODL to earn ETHR.