$TODL Airdrop

All Toodle $BAGs were airdropped 15 MIL $TODL tokens each. Check below to claim your tokens or trade $TODL.

The $TODL Token

$TODL is the official token of the Cryptoodle project. It is a gamified, digital token that is used only in the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

Think about it as tokens needed to use an arcade machine. It has no value outside of the Cryptoodles project.

$TODL is a token that gives life to everything inside the Cryptoodle Metaverse. It is used to facilitate trade, rewards, and maintenance of a healthy digital economy within the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

It is now tradeable in Uniswap in both the Ethereum and Polygon Network. View the official $TODL token statistics on Uniswap.


Symbol: TODL
Opening Price: 0.00000003175 ETH (first Uniswap Pool)
Supply: Around 150 BIL Initial Supply

Providing Liquidity

Providing liquidity means to back the $TODL token with another, most often with Ethereum, to enable others to buy or sell $TODL.


The concept of providing liquidity is not new, but the advantages/disadvantages are complex. What liquidity providers for $TODL receive though is an opportunity to be a part of growing Cryptoodles.

Please research the risks associated with being a liquidity provider before providing liquidity to $TODL.