$TODL Airdrop

All Toodle $BAGs were airdropped 15 MIL $TODL tokens each. Check below to claim your tokens or trade $TODL.

The $TODL Token

Our universe is constantly expanding from ancient energy. In the Cryptoodle Metaverse, $TODL is that energy.

$TODL is the official token of the Cryptoodle project. It is a gamified, digital token that is used only in the Cryptoodle Metaverse. Think about it as tokens needed to use an arcade machine. It has no value outside of the Cryptoodles project.

$TODL is a token that gives life to everything inside the Cryptoodle Metaverse. It is the reason why NPCs and monsters can respawn, minerals and materials replenish, and the number one reason the Cryptoodle Metaverse expands and grows. $TODL will also be used to facilitate trade, rewards, and maintenance of a healthy digital economy within the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

It is now tradable in Uniswap in both the Ethereum and Polygon Network. View the official $TODL token statistics on Uniswap.


Symbol: TODL
Opening Price: 0.00000003175 ETH (0.000054 USD on launch)
Supply: Around 150 BIL Initial Supply

$TODL has both inflationary and deflationary mechanics. This allows the Cryptoodle Protocol to adjust the token strategy based on market conditions.

Liquidity Provider Rewards

Providing liquidity means to back the $TODL token with another, most often with Ethereum, to enable others to buy or sell $TODL.

While providing liquidity, you are able too spawn life into the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

If I provide liquidity to $TODL on Uniswap, I can use an ability to spawn a mineable resource. If a Toodle mines that resource, a percentage of the resource automatically goes back to me.

This is a powerful concept because if I spawn 100 diamonds by providing liquidity to $TODL and all diamonds are mined, I passively earn rewards from all 100 diamonds.


The concept of providing liquidity is not new, but the advantages/disadvantages are complex. What liquidity providers for $TODL receive though is an opportunity to own the world of Cryptoodles.

Please research the risks associated with being a liquidity provider before providing liquidity to $TODL.