Toodle's $L2

The Toodle Virtual Machine is a Layer 2 zkEVM Rollup that executes both Bitcoin & Ethereum smart contracts. It is the primary home for all Toodles.

The dual compatibility of the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains within the Toodle Virtual Machine allows Toodles to use native BTC & ETH digital assets. This includes:

  • BRC-20 and ERC-20 tokens
  • BRC-721 and ERC-721 tokens
  • Bitcoin Ordinals
Easily build, bridge, and atomically swap these native BTC & ETH digital assets with other Toodles within the Toodle Virtual Machine.

Layer 2 Launch Coming Soon!

Bookmark this page for details about our Layer 2 launch for the Toodle Virtual Machine.

Toodle Virtual Machine's testnet will be deployed prior to the mainnet launch.

Please be aware of scams and only trust information about Cryptoodles through our official links.


This blockchain project is conceptual. Mint at your own risk.