$TODL Token Introduction

What is $TODL

$TODL is the Cryptoodles official token that facilitates all value creation activities within the Cryptoodles Metaverse. You can think of it as digital credit earned from Toodles socializing, building, and participating in Cryptoodles. The value behind holding $TODL isn’t monetary, but instead its ability to expand the Cryptoodles Metaverse.

Understanding the Role of $TODL Liquidity

The more “liquid” $TODL becomes, different items and opportunities will begin to spawn within the Cryptoodles Metaverse. You can think of it as building a world from the ground up. The “Liquidity Providers” who enable items and opportunities that spawn in Cryptoodles will be rewarded a service fee from Toodles that interact with the item. Another way to think of this relationship is that since you provided liquidity that made a Legendary Boss spawn, you are entitled to receiving part of the Legendary Boss’s loot.

Gaining Passive Crypto from $TODL Liquidity

You didn’t have to fight the Legendary Boss to receive the reward. You passively gained crypto and NFTs just from helping the Legendary Boss spawn in Cryptoodles. Here’s an example of what this would look like:


Phase 1

$250K USD of TODL/WETH Liquidity

  • Landscapes in Cryptoodles start to appear
  • Vital resources appear
  • Toodles and NPCs spawn

Phase 2

$750K USD of TODL/WETH Liquidity

  • Towns and shops spawn
  • Toodle First Job skills unlock
  • 100 Raid Rooms Appear to Fight a Legendary Boss


Phase 3

$1.75 MIL USD of TODL/WETH Liquidity

  • Factions Appear
  • Toodle Second Job Skills Unlocked
  • New subclasses learned

Here are the Toodle base archetypes. Subclasses appear under each archetype, which offers different types of skills for Toodles to use.



Toodles that excel as all around fighters. These Toodles are tough, and strong, and are natural born Heroes.



Toodles that excel in quickness, agility, and accuracy. These Toodles prefer to engage in long range combat, but can also deliver the finishing blow up close.



Toodles that’ve gained enough knowledge to use summoning techniques. These Toodles are able to adapt to overcome all obstacles in their way.