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The Cryptoodles Project

NFTs that makeup a decentralized super computer.


Free lifetime membership to the first 8,999 Toodles. Minting is LIVE! Mint a $BAG NFT and receive:

  • 8 unique, beta Sci-Fi skins
  • 1 Perpetual GamePass
  • 15,000,000 $TODL tokens

Read the Founder’s Letter here.


8,456 Free $BAGs LEFT!

Limited number of Perpetual GamePasses available. More info here.


Toodle Loot Bag

The Genesis NFT

A simple $BAG that contains the first items of Cryptoodles.

Mint Free $BAG →


The TODL Token

The Genesis Token

The Token used to transact in the Cryptoodles Metaverse.

Claim $TODL Airdrop →

How to Participate in Cryptoodles

Stage 1

Spawn a Toodle using a $BAG.

Stage 2

Choose a starter Toodle.

Stage 3

Nurture your Toodle using $TODL to raise its base stats. The higher its base stats, the higher its success rate as an AI in Cryptoodles.

Stage 4

Send your Toodle into the cloud and receive ETH. A developer will code an AI algorithm for your Toodle to use.

Stage 5

The Toodle will interact with the Cryptoodles blockchain on its own. As long as the Toodle lives, you receive a % of $TODL generated from its activities.

Live Roadmap

Stay up to date with the development of the Cryptoodles projects below. The “Development Goals” section outlines what the Cryptoodles team is currently focused on. If you would like to help advance project, check out the “Community Goals” section for the current community goals.

Development Goals 2022

Initialize TODL/WETH Liquidity Pool (Ethereum)
Build Ethereum/Polygon Bridge
cryptoodles.com Rework
$TODL Token Airdrop
Cryptoodle Metaverse Characters
$TODL Staking Rewards
Launch Cryptoodles Open World
Own Land for Cryptoodles Open World

Community Goals 2022

In Progress
Mint all 9,000 Toodle Loot $BAG
Accrue Initial $450,000 USD of TODL/WETH Liquidity in Uniswap Polygon Pool
Not Voted
Open Ideas

Milestones 2022

Q1 Completed
Initialize TODL/WETH Liquidity Pool (Polygon)
Q2 Completed
Q3 Completed
Q4 Completed

Blog Posts

The Text Based NFT Industry: Emerging Projects Report
Feb 24, 2022 6:14 PM
$TODL Token Introduction
Feb 20, 2022 7:14 PM



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