The Cryptoodles Story

The Cryptoodles project initially started migrating real life dogs into a "blockchain of dogs". However, an issue during the migration accidentally transformed normal dogs into cyborg dogs.

The Cryptoodle team tried to fix the issue, but the permanence attribute of the blockchain made the process irreversible. The cyborg dogs were stuck in the blockchain.

These cyborg dogs have advanced into a new race called Toodles. The Toodles then started to convert other animals into their new civilization.

We've continued to maintain the Cryptoodle Blockchain so that Toodles can continue to advance the civilization they've built and live a sustainable life. 

What is Crypto?
NFT Release

Cryptoodle Loot $Bag NFT

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Why Redeem Toodle Loot Bag NFT's?

  • Verified Max supply of 10K Toodle Loot Bags
  • Forever Unique, NFT Generated On Chain When Minted
  • Smart Contract Verified on Etherscan
  • No Extra Charge to Mint, Just Cover Gas Fee
  • NFT's Compatible With OpenSea
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Cryptoodle Ecosystem

Use $BAG NFTs to interact with the
Cryptoodle Metaverse.

Create or Adopt Toodles

Use $BAG to transform your real life pet into a Toodle or adopt an existing Toodle. Owning a Toodle allows you to extend your digital presence into another world, and participate within the Cryptoodle Metaverse.


Participate in Events

Unique events are scheduled within the Cryptoodle Blockchain for Toodles to participate in. These include an immersive and interactive story telling experience, and participating in governing the Crytpoodle ecosystem through voting.


Explore the Cryptoodles Blockchain

Collect NFT's, help Toodles with side quests, or participate in $TOODL staking. Exploring the Cryptoodle Blockchain is like exploring an open world RPG. It is one of the few up and coming blockchain ecosystems that offers a rich lore and immersive experience.



July 2021 official launch
August 2021
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September 2021
Toodle Loot Bag NFT
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October 2021
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